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  • Monitoraggio di uccelli e mammiferi in Lombardia
    Il primo manuale in lingua italiana sulle tecniche di monitoraggio di uccelli e mammiferi, dedicato a quanti si occupano di conservazione e gestione della fauna selvatica. La realizzazione di monitoraggi faunistici secondo modalità operative standardizzate è indispensabile per confrontare i dati e pianificare correttamente gli interventi. Volume e materiali tecnici sono scaricabili dal sito della Regione Lombardia
  • Anna Scaravella.Dal paesaggio al giardino
    Paolo Compostini (testi, Dario Fusaro (fotografie), Electa, 2012, 200 pp, 45 euro
    Il racconto illustrato di 13 progetti della paesaggista piacentina dove sono state utilizzate in prevalenza piante mediterranee che non richiedano irrigazione.

Dalla Libreria della natura di Milano

    PEUVERGNE H. Le paysagiste Hugues Peuvergne n’aime pas les jardins trop précieux ou conceptuels. Depuis plus de 20 ans, il réalise des univers poétiques qui apaisent et réconcilient l’homme avec la nature. Ce qu’il désire avant tout, c’est que ses clients se sentent bien au quotidien dans les jardins ou les terrasses qu’il crée pour eux et avec eux. C’est l’histoire de ces rencontres et de son cheminement créatif, qu’il souhaite nous faire partager dans ce livre, à travers la présentation de 17 de ses plus belles réalisations. Pagg. 280, Euro 35
    HU JIE The splendid Chinese Garden is an illustrated compendium on the classic gardens of China. It explains the history of the garden, the traditions and beliefs they represent, their aesthetic and the techniques used to create them. Also included are chapters that survey the great gardens of China, the gardens tourists love to visit and gardeners dream of seeing and exploring.”The Splendid Chinese Garden” includes: Chinese Gardens in the South of the Yangtze River: Ge Garden (Yangzhou)He Yuan, also known as Jixiao Shan Zhuang (Yangzhou)Zhan Garden (Nanjing)Jichang Garden (Wuxi)Humble Administrator’s Garden (Suzhou)Lingering Garden (Suzhou)Master of the Nets Garden (Suzhou)Lion Grove Garden (Suzhou)Chinese Gardens in the North of the Yangtze River: Yihe Garden or the Summer Palace (Beijing)Beihai Park (Beijing)Jingyi Garden in Xiangshan Mountain (Beijing)Imperial Garden, Palace Museum (Beijing)The Back Garden of the Prince Gong Mansion (Beijing). Pagg. 240, euro 38,50
    OLIVER D. Well known among his contemporaries for his unrivalled knowledge of aberrant plants, Daniel Oliver (1830-1916) ran the herbarium at Kew Gardens and held the chair of botany at University College London, for which he was recommended by Charles Darwin. Although Oliver never visited India, his expertise in Indian botany grew considerably after he worked with an enormous number of dried specimens rescued from the cellars of the East India Company. In this book, first published in 1869, he sets out the basics of botanical study in India for the absolute beginner. It includes instruction on the anatomy of simple plants, lessons in collection and dissection, and explanations of botany’s often dense terminology. Annotated diagrams appear throughout, in both microscopic and macroscopic views. Rigorous and carefully structured, Oliver’s book remains an excellent resource for novice botanists and students in the history of science. Pagg. 393, euro 43
    GANDOLFI V., MAZZA G., GANDOLFI N. editore: SESTANTE, Pagg. 221, euro 45

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